New Car Protection Packages

There is nothing like getting a new car, and we want to keep your new purchase looking it’s best.

Our New Car Protection Ceramic coatings superior to any dealership protection package, with a single application lasting up to five years when opting for Gtechniq or CQuartz protection packages

New cars don’t always arrive in factory condition due to long transportation and storage periods, allowing cars to gather brake dust, fallout and tar deposits. We safely remove these contaminants without contact and leave a sterile base for the next step.

To ensure full adhesion of the ceramic coatings, surfaces are prepared using mild polishes and paint cleansers to remove oils, leaving a perfect surface for protection, this is a vital process to ensure full durability of the coating wheels, paintwork, glass, plastics, metals, interior upholstery & carpets are protected to ensure all round protection.

Protection applied will keep new cars cleaner for longer, make cleaning a much easier job, give a scratch resistance as well as the gloss-enhancement properties giving your new car a long-lasting shine.

Don’t waste money on sub-standard dealership offered products, these are highly priced & not worth the money

CQUARTZ Uk Full Protection package
2 year durability
From £180.

Gtechniq Full protection package
5 year durability
From £320

New car protection Brentwood, Essex
New car paint protection Brentwood, Essex
CQUARTZ Uk Full Protection package
Gtechniq Full protection package

New car protection process

Vehicle ‘snow foamed’ and left to dwell for 10 minutes

Exterior wash using specialist ph neutral cleaners & plush wash mitts

Door jams & inner arches cleaned in detail

Paintwork clayed to remove any bonded containments

Iron fallout remover applied to the whole vehicle paintwork

Paintwork inspected under halogen lamps, any marks or defects in the paint are removed.

Full IPA Wipe down to provide a clean surface.

Cquartz nano coating applied.

Rain repellent applied to all glass.

Engine bay cleaned & protected

Interior vacuumed

Carpets & seats protected using Gtechniq i1 fabric protectant

Leather upholstery cleaned & protected to prevent dye transfer from clothes

All interior surfaces cleaned & dusted using various detail brushes

Anti static dressing applied to interior plastics

Tyres & rubber seals dressed and protected with a UV sealant

Wheels sealed to prevent brake dust baking on (including inner surfaces)

Please get in touch via the contact page if you would like more information on the CQuartz or Gtechniq coatings available.